Horror Comics from the Dark Heart of Cardiff

in heaven and hell

Dinner parties in a warzone, what comes after life after death, coffee shop angels, and cursed pistols.

Making Deals with Devils

The true evil of cats and dogs, unwanted body swaps, and what became of Judas Escariot

At the End of the World

What happens after everything else? Tales of true love, madness, death, grief, and magick.


We write words and draw pictures.

Monkeys with Machineguns was formed in the dim and distant past, before comics were Kickstarted and when there were only two good comic conventions in the UK a year. At a time when everyone said that anthologies didn't sell and that nobody wanted horror comics, two plucky idiots from Cardiff started writing and drawing a horror anthology comic.

Since then they've published three anthologies, one charity collection, made lots of prints and posters, appeared in some the UK independent scene's most notable publications and continue to defy market forces and common sense by making whatever the hell they like.

Today they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you need a good comic, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... Monkeys with Machineguns.


Meet the men behind the monkeys with the guns
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Chris Lynch

Word Monkey
Writer, CTO, hypnotist (no, really), and general man about town.

Never ask Chris a open eneded question – he always has an answer and it’s usually long.
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Drawing Monkey
Stuart Tipples is a Cardiff based artist and graphic designer working by the professional pseudynom of Stu.Art.

His work includes comic books , illustration and graphic design, including t-shirt designs.